Friday, March 20, 2009

New Work


I'm walking! Still in the cumbersome cast/boot but at least I can move easily even if slowly. I have made some new work which i haven't photographed yet. Different from the work I made when I was immobile and very much a continuation from the geometric work I showed in Cactus Milk in 2006.

This is my year for development and consolidation of work. No competitions until the work is more fully resolved.

Monday, March 9, 2009


I'm in the studio doing miniscule amounts of work. I feel like everything is on hold. I still have limited mobility and we have decided to move to the Southern Highlands of New South Wales in late June. It's a bit over 4 weeks until I go to Ragdale so I'm looking forward to the opportunity to really focus on my work again.

I think the enforced break will be a good thing and should give some freshness to my practice. In the mean time I am listening to the very wonderful Nick Cave and wishing I could have a Jenny Holzer spoon and watching the squally rain from the tail of Cyclone Hamish water the garden.

Jenny Holzer