Wednesday, July 29, 2009


My favourite colour is red, no blue, no its actually that pale turquoisey sea green.
Last weekend while were taming one of many hedges I noticed a tropical rhododendron hidden in the undergrowth of beautiful camellias which grown along our side fence.
Today safe in the knowledge that all reptiles are in a frozen torpor I decided to investigate and transplant the vireya. As I made my way through the bush a beautiful ultramarine cookie cutter caught my eye. Being my first or second favourite colour I was about to grab it when I realised that I had found a bower birds nest IN OUR GARDEN. I hope I haven't caused too much disturbance as I took one blue feather and left. I then took another route to rescue the vireya.

And why the lead in about favourite colours? I have just bought some wild bird mix so I can watch the rosellas as they feed. Such a beautiful red. 

PS. I have just realised that the bower bird will be beside himself when my 100 blue bells bloom. I hope he doesn't pinch them all. I did notice that he had a grape hyacinth decorating his nest.  

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My Studio and Other Constructions

Firstly, here's a shot of the temporary studio complete with elegant furnishings which I trip around every day sadly missing the grand piano from Ragdale.
And, on a more important note, fruit and vegetable producers of the world be warned, the Buret greenhouse is now built and fully operational. This morning the farmer manque sewed dill, chervil and mesclun in the hope that they might be ready to plant out in spring.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Frosty Morning

I am still marveling at the weather here. So different from life in the sub tropics. This morning there was frost. The back garden looked so beautiful. The day has been sunny and the afternoon light catches the bare branches.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

New Work

Faye has found my camera leads ..... yipee! So here is an image of some new work from the provisional studio. I'm not sure it is finished. I'll look at it for a while. More images to come.

Later note: one of the advantages of blogging is it gives you a new 'window' for viewing work. I am now sure this is not finished.