Wednesday, July 29, 2009


My favourite colour is red, no blue, no its actually that pale turquoisey sea green.
Last weekend while were taming one of many hedges I noticed a tropical rhododendron hidden in the undergrowth of beautiful camellias which grown along our side fence.
Today safe in the knowledge that all reptiles are in a frozen torpor I decided to investigate and transplant the vireya. As I made my way through the bush a beautiful ultramarine cookie cutter caught my eye. Being my first or second favourite colour I was about to grab it when I realised that I had found a bower birds nest IN OUR GARDEN. I hope I haven't caused too much disturbance as I took one blue feather and left. I then took another route to rescue the vireya.

And why the lead in about favourite colours? I have just bought some wild bird mix so I can watch the rosellas as they feed. Such a beautiful red. 

PS. I have just realised that the bower bird will be beside himself when my 100 blue bells bloom. I hope he doesn't pinch them all. I did notice that he had a grape hyacinth decorating his nest.  


Nicola Moss said...

Paints such a great picture, blue bells and a bower bird, wonderful!

chrys zantis said...

oh what a joy to find the bower bird. i am so happy for you susan. you are blooming down there.. but somewhere you still like pink dont you????? thank-you for your comment on my blog x