Friday, January 14, 2011

nice day! now showing at Logan Art Gallery

Left: Works on Paper by Jen Conde
Left to right: 3 works by Uta Heidelauf, 2 works by Susan Buret, 1 work by Uta Heidelauf.
Left to Right: 3 works by Candice Herne, 2 works by Nicola Moss, 1 work by Uta Heidelauf
Installation by Sandra Landolt.
Left to Right: 3 works by Susan Buret, 1 work by Candice Herne
nice day! an exhibition of work by artists Susan Buret, Jen Conde, Uta Heidelauf, Candice Herne, Sandra Landolt & Nicola Moss about Queenslands hottest topic is now showing atLogan Art Gallery just south of Brisbane.
The exhibition comes at a time when many Queenslanders have lost family friends and possessions in the worst floods in decades. I intend give all proceeds of sales of my work from the exhibition after gallery commission to the flood relief fund.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Dream Cabinets and life after the Sydney exhibition.

Top : Anita Traverso at Depot 11 Gallery.
Middle : Dream Cabinet #1. Interior. © Susan Buret
Bottom: Dream Cabinet #1. Exterior. © Susan Buret
A lot of artists agree that the time just after an exhibition is often a period of angst and instability but when my last exhibition closed in Sydney I really didn't have the luxury of thinking time.It was one week until Christmas and no matter how I try to avoid it I always end up being swept up in the last minute rush of cooking and shopping. Since then we have celebrated New Year and spent a few days at the beach.
And, there's still not much time to think as I am part of a group show , nice day!, which opens at Logan Gallery in two weeks and I am working on some new pieces for my exhibition at Loft Gallery, Bowral, in late March this year.
For the first week of the Sydney exhibition Anita Traverso (see top image) was at the gallery and I had the opportunity to watch her talk about my work to gallery visitors and in the second week I was alone in the gallery and was able to watch the reactions to my work at close quarters. I have to admit that I found it quite difficult but, it was during this time I came up with the idea for the dream cabinets. I am still not entirely sure what they are. (Maybe I should not be admitting this in print!) but I think they somehow portray a mix of my childhood dreams and what I imagine might be the less idyllic dreams of others. Ideas of exhilaration, liberation and escape .... all sorts of flight dreams.