Friday, November 11, 2011


Currently my life is governed by cycles. However it was not until I had written the artist statement for my latest body of work that I realised that it may have been influenced by this.
So once again I think about how powerful making art is for the artist and how it is an integral part of my life.
Susan Buret, Penelope Series #7, 2011 

The works will be exhibited at Cloud Farm, Tourist Road Mt. Murray for the next weekend as part of the Southern Highlands Arts Trail. To read more about the works and see the series so far please visit my website .

Susan Buret, Penelope Series #5, 2011

After thinking about how I make art and it's importance to me I read a very interesting article on the relevance of art  in Inside Story by Andrew Ford. 
There are so many reasons to make art from the pure delight of creating an object to voicing opinion, creating universal narratives, giving voice to issues and ideas of our time. 
I am not doing justice to this topic with a rushed blog post so I hope to return to it in future posts.