Monday, May 26, 2008

Thank You

Today I sent a letter to the Pine Rivers Gallery to thank them for my award and it occurred to me that there are lots more people to thank so here goes....( I hope I don't miss anyone and if I do it's unintentional.)
My partner Faye for encouraging me to return to making art after many years of inactivity.
My art buddies, too numerous to name, who encouraged me to take classes again.
All those who have bought my work especially Roger Hose who has quite a collection!
My teachers Sally L'Estrange, Dr Irene Amos and Majena Mafe who opened my eyes and my mind.
Uta and all the members of the Brisbane Artists Development Co-op whose support and positive energy is infectious.
Carrie Knowles at Free Range Studio for showing my work in the United States
Ivan Lazarou for generously giving me a space to show my work in 2007.
Anita Traverso for taking me on and representing me in Melbourne and Cash Brown for believing in my work and marketing it at Art Brisbane08

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