Monday, July 14, 2008

Ideal Dinner Guests

My partner came home and asked me to nominate the 3 people still alive I would most like to invite to dinner. She had been playing the "game" with her workmates.

It didn't take me long. They are

Peter Cundall
Dr Irene Amos
Gordon Bennett

I want comments with your favourites.


Nicola said...

Nice one Susan, Yes definitely Peter Cundall, but seeing as he is going to be at your dinner party, I would invite
David Attenborough
Maggie Beer
Cate Blanchett

Candice Herne said...

Bob Geldof, The Dalai Lama,Oprah Winfrey

Candice Herne said...

I asked Rod my huaband with no prompting he said you, Rhody and Suki so sweet! Yes dear thats lovely but what other three people would you invite. Sometimes trying to get men to imagine and dream is like trying to revive a sick plant. Anyhow after a few "play the game dear" waiting and waiting I was ever so patient. Finally he came up with Dick Smith, a homeless person and Peter Cundall.There's Peter again he's got a busy social calender. Candyxx

Anonymous said...

Have not thought about this in a long time. It was an interesting question.
Peter Cundall (A wonderful example of what we could aspire to on a diet of Kale and unashamed passion for life (and nature) He will be dearly missed from my Sunday morning ABC Diet.

...these definitely make my list.

Jamie Oliver,

Oprah makes it onto my list too
(totally argree Candy!)

Billy Connolly (there is nothing like a great laugh)