Thursday, June 4, 2009


I have been silent for a while as I am about to move house to the Southern Highlands of New South Wales. This is a big move for several reasons.
I have been living in the same house for the past 10 years so there is an enormous amount or 'stuff' to be sorted and culled (not my forte!).
I have only ever lived in Brisbane or London so it's a bit of an adventure.
I am moving from the city to the country.
I will have to build new contacts, ties and find a new arts community.

I hope to post some new work here soon.


Jen said...

Please don't go Susan & Faye!! Howl, howl, howl!!

Nicola Moss said...

Susan, I am sure you will have no trouble connecting with artists near your new home. Your generosity of support and sharing of ideas with others is wonderful; and technology makes staying in touch with Bris friends easy. Have a wonderful adventure!