Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Annie Aitken @ James Dorahy

Yesterday I battled rainy conditions to visit galleries in Sydney. Martin Browne was in the process of hanging the next exhibition but at James Dorahy Project Space I caught the first day of Annie Aitkin's exhibition Symbiosis.
The exhibition features a series of exquisite forms made from stripped polypropelene and acrylic rod. These beautifully executed works, which must be a labour of love, remind me of sea creatures, nests and beautiful baskets. With their softly translucent colours and the delicate tracery of shadows that they throw on the gallery walls they are a visual feast. Oh to own one!
The exhibition coninues until 13 June.
Annie Aitken, 2010, Stitched #, Polypropelene & AcrylicRod.
(apologies for the incomplete caption)

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