Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Caroline Rannersberger at Dominik Mersch Gallery

Caroline Rannersberger. Becoming Oceania/West Alligator Head', 2010. Pigment, varnish, wax on cedar wood (10 panels) 138 x 148cm

Caroline Rannersberger's exhibition Unsettling Country is currently showing at Dominik Mersch Gallery at Danks Street Waterloo. The works, which form part of the research undertaken by Rannersberger towards her PhD are truly stunning. Rich layered surfaces and skillful handling of colour produced images which carried me into a landscape I have never visited in the way that reading allows for a much richer and more personal input than watching film. I was reminded of Bea Maddocks beautiful works which explore the Antarctic Landscape. Both artists' work honours and treasures the land they explore and somehow manages to add another sensory dimension to the genre of landscape art.
The exhibition continues until 10 July.

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em said...

very pretty work.

i have been disappointed in my compost pile so far, after just a year. i really think i need a manure source! do you add manure to yours?