Thursday, February 24, 2011

Open Studio

The last few days have been perfect late summer weather so I have been leaving the doors to the studio open. As a result birds have been visiting. I am working on my next exhibition Flight Dreams, which opens on 2 April at Loft Gallery in Bowral, so maybe I am on the right track.


Rachael Lee said...

hi Susan,
What a little sweetie to visit you like that! Did he sing a song for you?
Your work looks great, can't wait to see more.
Does the top of your finger ever go numb from using the scalpel blade with all those cutouts? I was cutting a few stencils out the other day and the tip of my index finger is a bit numb.

Sharon said...

Amazes me how trusting they are. I have been leaving the doors at the Roo open as I work and have been visited by wallabies curious to see what I am doing. Beautiful. Love that colour.

Terry Jarrard-Dimond said...

That is very special. I have many birds outside my windows and I love that as well.

I always enjoy seeing your work.