Monday, February 8, 2010

in her high heels revisited.

Susan Buret, free from the onerous task of filling the fruit bowl, 2007,
acrylic on canvas, 100 cm x 130 cm. From the 2007 exhibition in her high heels.

In 2007 and I had an exhibition at Unplace Project, a pop up gallery in New Farm, Brisbane. The exhibition which looked at ideas of power, beauty and gender was partly inspired by the media focus on female politicians when Anna Bligh became the first female premier of Queensland and Julia Gillard became the deputy leader of the opposition in the run up to the 2007 federal election. Fashion magazines were also filled with images of impossibly high stilettos and I used the following quote as part of my artist statement for the exhibition.
'You need to wear them with confidence and find a balance between the strength they give you and the fragile (state) into which they put you'
Pierre Hardy, shoemaker, Vogue Australia, April 2007.
I have been invited by the Robertson Gallery in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales to have a solo exhibition showing some of the works from the 2007 exhibition.
I'm excited by the opportunity as it will be my first exhibition in the area and, as New South Wales now has a female premier, Christina Keneally, the theme of the exhibition is again topical.
The exhibition in her high heels revisited, opens at the Robertson Gallery, 28 Hoddle Street, Robertson, NSW 2577, p 02 4885 2569, on 12 February and runs until 1 April 2010. 


Nicola Moss said...

Congratulations Susan.

Cindy Morefield said...

Congrats on the show, Susan!

Susan Buret said...

Thanks Nicola and Cindy. It was a last minute opportunity so things have been a bit frantic!