Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Nature as teacher.

Louise Bourgeois in 1990,
behind her marble sculpture
Eye to Eye (1970)
Photo Raimon Ramis

Yesterday's post about the passage of autumn to winter was written with sadness as, on Sunday night, I had heard that Denis Hopper had died and I had always admired his wild, wild ways.
Today I received the news that Louise Bourgeois had died at age 98 from a heart attack.
Louise Bourgeois was an immense creative force and a great inspiration to all women artists. Like the autumn leaves, her creative spirit burned brightly until the end of her life.
When I am saddened by the void left left by the passing of these two wonderful creative people I find comfort in the continuing cycle of seasons.
While I would like to babble on about taking the time to observe the natural world and preserving this precious resource I think you know what I am saying!

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