Thursday, June 10, 2010

Yellow is the Colour

Susan Buret, Yellow is the Colour, © 2010, Acrylic on linen, 200 cm x 140 cm

The yellow work is finally finished as the last tenacious golden leaves begin to fall from the trees.
I find it such a difficult colour to work with and I have to blame the seasons and Louise Blyton from St Luke Artist Colourmen who showed me the delicious Nickel Azo Yellow paint. Oh the seduction of beautiful colour.


Cindy Morefield said...

Stunning, Susan. Is it composed of four canvases?

Novi On The Go said...

The red pattern is very addictive, I spent several minutes staring at it. The work is truly captivating Susan.

ValeriaVine said...

Wow! Love to see it in the flesh....

Candice Herne said...

Beautiful Susan! I just picked out a small bit of yellow, red and white Ochre from a hill in South Australia. I have been grinding it down and painting, trialling it on some white archival artist quality handmade paper. The yellow colour resembles your yellow colour. The ochres are such symbolic colours for Australian landscape. enjoy your painting. Candyxx

Susan Buret said...

Thanks everyone. It is a four panelled work Cindy. I'm experimenting with finding new ways to produce works which are easily transportable.
I started with the red pattern alone but it didn't seem to work until I added the creamy white and then I got the shifting surface I wanted and the red pattern came alive.
Maybe nickel is the thing which makes ochre yellow. I don't know but I'm looking forward to seeing your work Candy.

Nicola Moss said...

Gorgeous golden yellow Susan. I like the multi panels, gives more flexibility, and much easier for shipping.

Sophie Munns said...

Hi Susan,
just getting over to visit here after a busy time.
I just found my way back to your Melbourne show pics and LOVED the astonishing work that pre-sold at your show....the colours, the geometry, sensations and shifting energy field....really could easily live with that myself. Its dazzles but it lingers too...!
Can I say it all would have been a treat to see...but I was smitten at the sight of those colours that so speak to my soul!
And I did very much appreciate your generous and heart- warming comments of last week after the show went up. My ridiculously overly full and tiny studio means that the work was never seen together at any time so I held my breath when putting it up... wondering if it would hang together or the colours would work and such questions... it did come together... just ... so really valued the comments!
so carried away with other paintings forgot to say how I like this one and agree about yellow being so tricky. Love that melb art shop !