Sunday, August 29, 2010

Breaking the Silence

I haven't posted for ages because I just haven't felt like posting.
Minor ailments, bereavements, life too busy .... there are a load of excuses that I could give but, the reality is that I just didn't feel like it. This is probably why I am a visual artist and not a writer.
I am in awe of artist Joanne Mattera who has just made her 500th post and, since I began following her blog, they have all been great.
I really felt like writing today to tell you about the opening I went to yesterday. No image, no web link, but this opening at Loft Gallery, upstairs at 8 Banyette Street, Bowral, t 4861 3214 was just wonderful.
An affirmation of all the reasons I love to live here, locals, including artists, restaurateurs, doctors, architects and good neighbours gathered to hear Ben Quilty open Pamela Voysey's solo exhibition of still life works at Bella Hazelton and Adrian Davies' new exhibition space.
The space enjoys beautiful natural and good artificial light and the late winter sun bathed the room warmly.
I think this may have been Pamela Voysey's first solo exhibition. Ben Quilty, he of the maggotts, toranas and testosterone powered works, introduced us to Pamela's work which may otherwise have gone unnoticed. It is not often that a contemporary art space exhibits the work of a mature emerging female artist working in a somewhat forgotten genre. The works are beautiful, passionate observations of seasonality as Pamela celebrates lie. If you are in Bowral go to see them and if not follow Loft Gallery on facebook to see some images.


em said...

i can really relate. i've been posting much less lately... i just haven't been inspired by the usual things, nothing new to photograph. i am thinking of you and hope you share with us again soon...

tiel said...

your blog and work looks amazing.

I'm too tired now to look, but will return.

Susan Buret said...

thanks tiel!