Monday, October 4, 2010

Life in Cuba 2

Susan Buret, Life in Cuba 2, © 2010, Mixed media on Panelpop, detail.

Heavy rain for the past few days meant that the outdoor concert we were planning to attend was cancelled and I managed to finish the work above today. It is fun to make small works and complete them quickly even though I think I work more successfully on a larger scale. The process is so different as I don't get the sense of exploring every inch of the surface as I work. The image materializes straight up as a whole almost before I have an opportunity to bond with it.
I don't know if the more 'roccoco' style will work on a larger scale ... I'll see what happens when my stash of panelpops runs out.


yasmin sabur said...

Style is so important in delivering a message. I often feel that the message of progressives is not heard because of the historical stridency of our voices. To create images which speak of the horrific relationship between a super power and a small agricultural country that are soft and rounded, yet still clearly address the inequity of the situation is simply brilliant. Surely our contemporary overloaded eyes see and ears hear the message among the babble surrounding us.

Susan Buret said...

Yasmin, thank you for for your thoughtful comments and for taking the time to think about my work.
Your comments made my day.