Thursday, October 7, 2010

Networking, exposure etc.

My work And the River Looked at Siddhartha with 1000 Eyes, 2005, (far right) is currently in an exhibition at Anita Traverso Gallery, Melbourne.

On a negative day I wonder if I am babbling into a vast void but there are several good reasons for blogging. It provides an opportunity to communicate one's thoughts and ideas, it can be a diary or, as in the case of Queensland artist Nicola Moss it can serve as space to record information and observations which are later published as a book. Recently I wrote about the ideas that formed the basis of some new work and was amazed and delighted by the response. I have also been fortunate in the past few days to have my work featured on two blogs which I admire - The Design Files is Lucy Feagin's blog which features design, architecture and beautiful things and oh what a world, oh what a world , artist Lorraine Glessner's blog where she generously show cases the work of other artists. I really appreciate the mentions and the opportunity to widen my network. Thank you Lucy, Lorraine and Anita who has two of my works on show in Melbourne!


Nicola Moss said...

Hi Susan, your work sits really well in the current exhibition at Anita Traverso, good one.
THANK you for the mention. It's so easy to feel alone in the studio, having fellow artists' support is invaluable.

Cindy Morefield said...

I often have that same feeling, that I'm babbling into the void, so thanks for the reminder that connections are in fact made!

And thank you for bringing my attention to 3 more blogs - great stuff on all of them.

Lorraine Glessner said...

you're so welcome, susan! it was a pleasure to feature your wonderful work on my blog. thanks for the mention of my blog in this post.

Novi On The Go said...

Some very inspirational blogs, thank you! I just visited the Design Files, you have a beautiful home Susan, the artwork there is gorgeous too.