Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Bundanon Week 2

Susan Buret, Grey Sky with Choppers, © 2010, paper & acrylic on gessobord, 62 cm x 31 cm.

The top image, is the walk from the Bundanon homestead to Arthur Boyd's studio. The soft garden with it's herbaceous borders is in stark contrast to the majestic bush and the open grazing lands of the rest of the property at Bundanon.
The small timber hut is also very different from the new studios built for residents (middle image). These beautiful light open buildings have been built on the footprints of earlier farm buildings to impact minimally on the land.
The walk to the studio each day is a walk to another world where time constraints become immaterial and one has the luxury of total freedom to create and make work (or not) or just to daydream. Bundanon generously provides this opportunity.
Bundanon is not far from the Jervis Bay Military Base which is home to the Fleet Air Arm. Helicopters practice manoeuvres (spell check doesn't like that but I don't like its American alternative so I hope you know what I mean) over pulpit rock which was a favourite subject for Arthur Boyd. The silence usually only punctuated by birdsong is shattered by thump of the whirring rotor blades. I love watching helicopters, or almost anything that flies and I made Grey Sky with Choppers using patterns from Moorish tiles and Amish quilts to suggest the rotating blades.


Nicola Moss said...

Hi Susan, Love the way you have incorporated local activity at Bundanon into your work. A place to work without time constraints sounds wonderful. Enjoy.

Janice Mason Steeves said...

HI Susan,
I love this piece and am amazed that you can move to a new environment and so quickly include it in your work|