Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Small Delights

The Australian bush could never be described as pretty but if you walk slowly and look down there are some beautiful flowers.
I am posting this to show that even though I have reptile phobia on a grand scale I did go for a walk in the wilds of the Shoalhaven.
This evening I saw these beautiful small flowers. The blue flower I think is a bush orchid and I hope the yellow one isn't a weed. Denis Wilson, if you are out there in the blogosphere maybe you can name them.


em said...

tropical flowers, that's what they are! (i don't know the names of them...) what are willy wagtails? i want to see them too!

Anonymous said...

love the new work. I was thrilled to see you back at Bundanon. You obviously relate well to that area. Yes, the bush is full of small gems.

Susan Buret said...

Em, willy wagtails are small black and white birds with fan shaped tails.
Thanks for your comment Sharon. I imagine the bush is pretty spectacular out your way after the rain.