Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Image Update

I have spent a few hours today updating my website with professional images from my latest exhibition and decided that this blog was due for a facelift too. I'm not sure that I am happy with the results as it looks a bit stern. Comments and suggestions are welcome.


Rachael Lee said...

Hi Susan,
I miss your header image! Personally I prefer two columns as it looks a bit busy with three. I love seeing more of your work!!!
Happy Easter

Cindy Morefield said...

I've been noodling around with the look of my blog, too. Must be in the air!

I like that your slide show and list of venues is now at the top. Like the overall font, too (is that different?). I agree w/ Rachael, though, about two columns and the header image.

Love these new 3D works. An intriguing trajectory!

em said...

i love the simplicity, because it gives a focus on your work. i think there should be more, or larger, images and less text, but you've seen my blog, so you know i'm not objective. i read many blogs, and i like those where the pictures tell the story, since i don't have time to read much. i just redesigned my work blog to be simple too... think white webpages with simple, non-overwhelming images are in vogue, and for a good reason! thanks for stopping by gardenfool... and your work is beautiful!

Susan Buret said...

Thanks for the feedback. I'm trialling two columns and will try to post more images em .....means I'll have to make more work!