Thursday, April 7, 2011

Home Town Advantage. Some thoughts about exhibiting.

Last Saturday my exhibition flight dreams opened at loft gallery in Bowral 20 kms from where I live.
The opening was a great success and I had fun. Fun is not something I usually associate with openings. I think most artists would agree that they are often hard work.
I have described openings in the area here before and always comment on the warm atmosphere of a 'country' art  opening and, this opening was no exception.
When I woke up feeling happy instead of a bit flat on Sunday morning I thought about where we chose to exhibit and why.
I am fortunate to show with a Anita Traverso Gallery in Melbourne where their professional approach builds a market and following for my work and  several years ago I exhibited in North Carolina and was invited to talk about my work. This was also an enjoyable experience and made me hungry to show overseas and interstate in Australia. These are definitely a good career moves but, for me, nothing compares with the fulfillment that I get from showing my work to friends and peers. I hope I always have a good gallery near by to show my work.


Cindy Morefield said...

So glad you enjoyed your opening. And I certainly agree - there's nothing quite like a hometown crowd.

Sharon said...

pleased you enjoyed the exhibition opening night and I'm sure the work was well recieved. Congrats.

Susan Buret said...

Thanks Cindy and Sharon.

Anonymous said...

Good points you are making here. We have a small but professional art gallery here in Gladstone in NSW and it is great to show art here...
cheers Astrid