Wednesday, February 29, 2012

New Work

Susan Buret Penelope Series 2 #1, 2012Cyanotype with Gouache Additions, 55.5 cm x 38 cm.

I am in the studio trying to listen to the radio above the din caused by the relentless heavy rain on the corrugated iron roof and feeling guilty about posting trite comments about arks on facebook and not posting often enough here or on the weather blog, Barometer of Moods, I share with Nicola Moss
I've been working more on the cyanotypes in the Penelope Series and trying to make larger works. I really prefer to work on a larger scale, not to seek attention, but because I think that this allows a sense of architectural engagement, visceral rather than narrative, when works are closer to the size of the human body. I like the feeling of being drawn into the picture frame and try to achieve this with the larger works.
I still remember making my first large work, moving from 1 m square canvases to 1.8m sq and discovering that it not only took longer but that I had to find ways of reaching the top and bottom of the canvas and moving the unwieldy thing around! And then the image produced had a completely different energy to the smaller works. 
The move to a larger scale with works on paper which must be dipped in water baths brings with it a whole new series of challenges. I now have a series of wading pools and a large supply of MDF boards and wait until the sun obliges to test the techniques. I'm still overcoming technical problems and hope to post a succesfully completed work soon.

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Nicola Moss said...

Beautiful work Susan. Thanks for the link.