Saturday, March 3, 2012

House Keeping

As the heavy rain continues there is no opportunity to make new work with sun exposed cyanotypes so I have been doing some neglected 'housekeeping'. Last week I did my tax and I have been adding images of older works to my website. These works had to be deleted a few years ago when I had less space on the site and should have been reinstated last year.
In 2006 I had an exhibition at Metro Arts in Brisbane. The works shown in Cactus Milk were a departure from my usual concerns with identity and displacement and were inspired by my love of country music.
Susan Buret, Skin Deep, 2006, Gouache on Cut Tibetan Paper, 150 cm x 3500 cm.

Skin Deep was one of the works included in the exhibition and revisiting it makes me want to make more large scaled paper works.

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