Thursday, April 23, 2009

18 Degrees and Sunny

Spring is back so here are todays garden obs. I thought that you might also like to see the new amber beads which I bought at Ragdale market the other night. They go some way to compensating for all the jewelry I lost when our house was burgled last week.

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Jen said...

Susan, love the beads! Love the daffodils too but tell me, what's the scoop on that very Australian-like garden picture in the middle? You know, the one with the caked dry earth and the shrivelled blossoms. Faye & I have just been Skyping. She is off to Bunnings & I am off to the ironing board. Ragdale sounds so much more... interesting. Glad you are enjoying the artistic & intellectual stimulation (which is not readily available at Bunnings or before the ironing board). Ran 18kms along the river today & it was absolutely gorgeous. Ran to New Farm Park. Beautiful!