Thursday, April 16, 2009

Not Sprung Yet

Today I went to the Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art. No photographs, no pens, no food, no smoking, no dogs.(Ref image of disappointed dog waiting in car.) So here is my account from memory. They had an exhibition of the work of Buckminster Fuller a hero of mine from my brief studies of architecture. Dreamer, visionary, philosopher, mathematician, architect, planner it made you feel good just to be in the presence of all of his ideas. And, there were beautiful geometric, geodesic drawings and models. I'll definitely go back for another look. It is, however, a dangerous activity as one has to get by the sirens ( not sure of the spelling. I mean temptresses not loud horns) in the jewelry section of the museum shop. I was iron willed and only bought a couple of books about geometry.

As you can see from the images, spring has not sprung in Chicago. There are those tight brown buds on the trees which will burst into green the moment the temperature rises. I am not sure what weather phenomenon explains the blue trees. I will cross the road tomorrow to investigate.

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Jen said...

love those blue trees! they add a real splash of colour as it's all a bit grey there, isn't it? please eat some Ben & Jerry's "Cherry Garcia" for me while you are there. Thank you.