Monday, April 13, 2009


Yesterday I left the hotel without my camera. So there are no images to support this post. I went to an area where local artists and craftsmen had studios and shops in a lane way where there were also coffee shops and tearooms. It was interesting to see that there were photographers and models everywhere I went. This is obviously considered a very marketable aspect of Shanghai.
It was only a very small area, almost a veneer, and ten steps away the relentless commerce of local life continued with shops selling obscure body parts of roasted birds and house hold goods.
I walked for a while until my foot gave out and then went to the famous Bund which was being dug up. I think Campbell Newman is on their planning committee.
Again there were some small shops and then street after street of office buildings.
I have steadfastly avoided anywhere that advertises and sells brands.
One more comment. The food has been really ordinary if not downright awful. I wonder if the cultural revolution generation forgot how to cook. The only good things have been the really fresh green steamed veges.
I fell like I have visited the western veneer of China and as I am not a traveller who enjoys the voyeurism of tourism in third world countries I don't know if I want to see more.
I am looking forward to my favourite Chicago tomorrow.

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Candice Herne said...

Have a safe journey to Chicago. Kitch slippers!