Friday, November 6, 2009

The Friday Report

This week's report comes to you from my new studio. I am still working with a temporary power connection but most of my equipment is in and I finally have a rack to store canvases.

I also have wonderful natural light even on an overcast day like today.

I am feeling very lucky and completely exhausted as my partner and I have spent the whole day moving things from the house.
I've not had much time to make work but I have worked on my exhibition plan for the next few years.
I have decided to exhibit at Depot Gallery at 2 Danks Street in Sydney next year. I am hoping to exhibit in June or July and I am waiting on advice of available dates before I make a final decision. I have been thinking about how to establish a profile in New South Wales since moving here and I think Danks Street will give me the exposure I need when I don't have a huge Sydney based mailing list.
I went to Canberra on Wednesday to look at galleries and rental spaces there and decided that it would be better to focus on Sydney for a while.
While in Canberra I visited the new National Portrait Gallery. It is a beautiful space and showed portraits from colonial to contemporary times in the 7 galleries. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed the colonial portraits. Each painting included details of the artist and a brief synopsis of the life of the subject. I'm looking forward to spending more time there. I also visited Helen Maxwell Gallery. The gallery is currently showing work from artists Patsy Hely, Dorte Conroy, Judy Horacek and Alison Alder. I loved  the delicate tracery and overlays of subtle colour in Alison Alder's papercut work Cutting History.
Finally, I stopped at M16 Artspace a complex of artist's studio and rental gallery spaces at Fyshwick. They were in the process of hanging a new exhibition but let me have a look at the two gallery spaces. The space reminded me a little of Doggett Street Studio where I have exhibited in Brisbane. I think that the adjacent artist studios make this a great place to exhibit and network with Canberra artists.
It's great living halfway between Sydney and Canberra. I'm spoilt for choice.

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sophie munns said...

How exciting Susan.
I can well imagine how much this studio will mean for you to spread out and get stuck in again.

The Danks St venue sounds great to me. Whenever I popped down from Newcastle to Sydney for the weekend it was the one destination i would make a point of fitting in. I think many find it a similarly rewarding destination. Do they ever coordinate openings in the building?

You are well located to get the access to Sydney and Canberra.
Enjoy the weekend in the studio!