Tuesday, November 3, 2009

From the Studio

Susan Buret. Bluestar.2009. © Acrylic and Pigmented Ink on Canvas
30cm x 30cm.

Susan Buret. Burning Bright. 2009.© Acrylic and Pigmented
Ink on Canvas. 30cm x 30cm.

These are two new works on Canvas completed in the last few days. I am happy with the backgrounds at last. I can't wait to get into my studio to make bigger works.
The painters are in there sealing the floor as I post!


Novi On The Go said...

I sure like your painting See All Without Looking, it reminded me of batik, your colors are so beautiful. I also like the simplicity and dramatic impact of your new works, I'm looking forward to your finished studio!
Thanks also for visiting my food blog and leaving a lovely comment, Susan.

Karen Koch said...

These are wonderful, Susan!

Susan Buret said...

Thank you for commenting and visiting my blog. My older works reming me of fabric patterns too.

Susan Buret said...

Thank you for your kind comment Karen.