Wednesday, November 11, 2009

On travelling

Susan Buret Ghetto. © 2008. Paper and Pins. Dimensions Variable.

Since 1 February this year when I broke my leg and couldn't negotiate the 21 steps to my studio I have been in limbo, not intent on arrival, a sometimes pleasant and sometimes not so pleasant state. I have spent time stranded in the house as I waited to be free of crutches, time in the US as artist in residence at Ragdale, time packing and storing my studio, then unpacking some of it and in the last few days waiting for a mail order shipment of gesso to arrive. Today, after a 60km round trip to pick up some gesso I fell that I have arrived. I have spent the last few hours in the studio applying gesso to some larger canvases so that I can make some new works. 
I feel calm and empty which is the place I like to work from.
On a more pragmatic note it is a warm dry day so the gesso is drying quickly.  


sophie munns said...

Phew....what a year Susan!
I love the work shown here!
How did you get on with the residency in the States and a broken leg?
60 ks to pick up and order for gesso sounds country to me. Did you make a day of it?
Good painting,

Nicola Moss said...

Hi Susan,

One of the few things worse than waiting for paint to dry has to be waiting for gesso to start painting. Totally understand the need to get some, happy painting!!!

Jen said...

And gesso is...? Some sort of goop that you apply to your canvas, I gather. Maybe I will Google it. Ahh, here we are, thanks to YouTube, I have the answer!

Susan Buret said...

When I think about the 60 km trip, I also remember the number of times I went into Brisbane CBD, paid for parking, and then found that Brisbane's largest art store had run out of Titanium White acrylic paint.
Jen, gesso is a primer I am using it to smooth out the fabric grain on my canvas and now I am off to paint on it. Whoopie.

Chris said...

Susan I celebrate your homecoming and your new studio space. Congratulations to you. I am sure you will find so much to inspire you this coming spring.