Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Friday Report

This week the painters have finally put paint on my studio walls and more work has been done on the electricity.
As we have had a series of visitors and I was interviewed by the local paper, I spent quite a bit of time tidying my temporary studio in the front living room to make it look a bit more picturesque. I can’t wait to have my own space again.
The interview with the local paper brought up those issues of identity that I discussed here earlier in the week. I entered a competition, The Mural of Survivorship, associated with the October Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign. I was eager to support the cause and give hope to women battling the disease but I am an artist who survived a medical condition and not someone with breast cancer who took up painting so I was not sure about the publicity but finally decided it would have been less than gracious to refuse the interview!
The Southern Highlands Artist Studio Trail is on this weekend so today I’m going to visit the studios of several local artists. Last night we went to an opening at the Robertson Community Centre that was part of the weekends events. We had a wonderful time and met lots of locals. Artists, film makers, hobby farmers and other locals gathered in the community hall while the children climbed trees in the gardens and ran around as the mist descended on Robertson. Wine flowed and there was an abundance of beautiful food. It felt so good to be part of the rural arts community - so different from the cool sophisticated gallery openings in the city. I met Anika Ekholm, architect and sculptor, and Carlos Barrios, painter, from Studio 40 in Robertson. They have invited me to their studio so I am looking forward to the visit.

Untitled. Work in progress.

I have managed few hours in the studio this week and have been continuing to make small works on canvas. I am very happy with the way the new technique is progressing. I also made some enquiries about rental spaces in Sydney with view to showing there in 2011.


Anonymous said...

I am liking the look of this painting :-)

Nicola Moss said...

This work looks great Susan, The transition from paper to canvas has worked very well.
Great to hear about a thriving arts community around you.
It sounds like you are getting work done even with several disruptions.

Jen said...

Susan, I love the colour of that painting. WHY let some one else paint your walls when you could go to town with it!! Sounds like you are settling in beautifully down there. Did you meet Ben Quilty?? Maybe the Big Potato could be turned into an artist studio....? I have not painted one thing at this end, nor have I written one blog, made one single necklace etc. I have been completely UNcreative & it's a tragic state of affairs. Will blog today however.

Susan Buret said...

Thanks Sue and Nicola. It's great to get some feedback about new work. I don't seem to be able to distance myself enough physically or mentally to look at it objectively. Please keep the feedback, good or bad, coming.

Susan Buret said...

Jen, I still haven't met your dream artist Ben Quilty! I'll let you know the minute I do. Happy blogging today.