Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Friday Report

It’s still Friday somewhere so this is THE FRIDAY REPORT.
It’s been a week of ups and downs. At times it looked like there would be nothing to report however, and this is one of the pluses of making a weekly summary, it ended on a good note.
On Monday I went to Nowra. I love Nowra because it is the nearest town to Bundanon a place that occupies a special place in my heart since my residency there. It was a beautiful drive through Kangaroo Valley as the bush changed from Highlands to rich rain forest.
On Thursday I went to the Casula Power House to deliver my entry in the Liverpool City Art Prize. I have to admit that my temporary studio is a bit of a mess and I almost missed the deadline for deliveries as the entry details were buried in a stack of paperwork. I have since bought a desk diary for next year to avoid near misses but I think I really need a wall planner and a secretary too. World do you here this? Send me a secretary.
On Thursday I received a nudge and I will send an entry to the Alice Art Prize.
I am really missing my workspace as there are some big works busting to be done. Nothing had happened in the studio all week and I was beginning to despair when, on Friday, Craig and Tony reappeared and began to install the interior lining. I had made a subtly demanding call to the foreman on Thursday and it worked.

 The plywood is so beautiful it is a pity to paint it white.


Anonymous said...

wow the studio is looking fantastic! i am extremely jealous right now :-)

Cindy said...

The plywood is beautiful. I don't think I'd paint it!
PS it is still Friday here :)

Nicola Moss said...

Hi Susan,

Yes, the plywood is beautiful, perhaps pure white walls will be equally enchanting.

Keep those big work ideas fresh in your mind. I couldn't manage without my diary and year planner, hope it works for you too.