Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Stargazzy 2

Stargazzy 2. 2009. © detail.
Oh how I struggle with documenting my work! Here are two images of Stargazzy 2 my newest work. I experimented with using pigments instead of diluted acrylic to get a luminosity to the background. I'm not sure about the texture to the background but I am very interested in using this pattern to make some bigger works.

Susan Buret. Stargazzy 2. 2009. Acrylic and Pigment on Linen.35cm x 35cm ©

I am hoping when I get into my new studio I will be able get the tripod out and find the right camera setting for the lighting.


Candice Herne said...

Dancing Susan Dancing the whole image is dancing, their is so much movement. It reminds me of the feeling I got when I saw your whole series of collage works exhibited at doggett st studio a few years back, the whole room danced and buzzed. I remember feeling ill and thinking how powerful the experience was. I'm intrigued in the way you have outlined the different shapes and layered it, it has a very 3D effect. WoW!

Susan Buret said...

Thanks for the comments Candy.It's really encouraging to get such a strong reaction. I wish my photography skills were up to the mark.

Anonymous said...

Hello Susan
I have been kept up to speed about the move and wonderful garden etc by Jen and Steve. Just wanted to say hi to the 2 of you and send my love. Your art is still amazing - I love it! Susie Gray (aka Mother of Treacle)

Cindy said...

Very cool piece, Susan - I can definitely see why you want to do more with this pattern!

What kind of pigment did you use?

As for documenting work, I share your struggle. I hate photographing work and have no talent for it. Finally gave in this reality and have it photographed professionally, except for some of the very small pieces on paper. Working with photographers is not without its own difficulties, though most of them have been great. Photography is definitely on my list of "Things someone else can do." :)