Friday, October 2, 2009

The Friday Report

This weeks report is a little thin on activities to do with my arts practice. I have made no work at all and as a result I feel a bit miserable and as you can see from my previous post I have had bouts of monumental lethargy.
I am hoping that the video will in some way compensate for the lack of drive in other areas!
Most artists report times when it just doesn't happen and I feel very fortunate that my down times can be measured in days rather than weeks or months. I have been nurturing myself with frequent visits to the art21 blog and doses of good wine.
I notice that when I don't make work for a few days I always get unsettled. This also happens when I am traveling. Now if you are asking yourself why I don't have a sketch book or journal for these times the answer is simply that I am hopeless with both.
The plans for next week are that it will be more productive and, on that note, it has started to rain and I had better go out into the garden to see if any seeds have sprouted.


Candice Herne said...

This is fantastic Susan! Thanks for showing us your growing studio and garden. Beautiful! And video! I have been trying to find my video software for ages and gave up you have just got me inspired to search again. Glad to see the mermaid, maid it to your new home. Keep up all the good work, it is all very informative and helpful. I call the slothful days Pjarma days (how do you spell Pjarma, this looks very weird to me the spelling). I have at least one once a week. Candyxx

Nicola Moss said...

WOW! Your garden is so beautiful Susan. Love the new vegie beds, they look fantastic, waiting for seeds to sprout is fun.

The studio is looking great and enormous.
The video post is wonderful, thank you for sharing.
Best wishes for a energetic upcoming week.

Cindy said...

Great video, Susan. Feel your pain about construction delays and being displaced from the studio - mine's in disarray at the moment, too, as you know! But you are making progress and it's going to be so great to set up and work in your new space. In the mean time, art:21 and wine sounds like an excellent plan to me. ;)