Friday, December 25, 2009

The Friday Report

It's Christmas afternoon here, that time when everyone takes a nap so what better time to do the Friday Report on time for once.
It's our first Christmas here and, after years of sweltering in the Brisbane heat we are enjoying a pleasant 14 degrees C with rain and mist. We will have a fire tonight.

Vege garden in the mid-summer mist.

We have unwrapped our presents including a new DVD player. We watched Samson and Delilah, a visually beautiful film, and a sobering reminder that not everyone enjoys an affluent and comfortable lifestyle here in Australia. We have got it very wrong and still have no real idea of how to (I can't think of a word that isn't patronising) help, provide for, give hope to, share with Indigenous Australians. I am left feeling guilty, impotent, useless and very very lucky to have such a wonderful life. If you haven't seen the film, do.
On a brighter note, as we are used to having summer in the heat we will have Christmas Dinner tonight so I am off to cook the turkey.
I plan to be back in the studio tomorrow but, in the meantime, best wishes for a happy holiday season and a prosperous and creative 2010.


Jen said...

Greetings S & F & P
Loved hearing about your Christms afternoon. Spud snoozing & me blogging. What's new? Your veggie garden looks sensational! Hope turkey was scrumptious. Having lovely time here but think I need to get out of Belgium before my liver packs in...
Merry, Merry Christmas! xxxx

Susan Buret said...

Hi Jen,
I hope your liver is holding up. You will be glad to hear it is raining on your vege garden in your absence. The turkey, local and organic was great. Leftovers tonight and sadly no Belgian chocolate.

Cindy Morefield said...

So glad you had such a lovely and relaxing Christmas. The garden looks fantastic!