Friday, January 1, 2010

The Friday Report

My first report for 2010.
For the last few days we have had friends visiting from Brisbane and we have once again done the tour of the Southern Highlands which I really enjoy as I still feel like a tourist in the area myself.
We wound up the 'tour' yesterday with a visit to the Illawarra Fly an elevated and partly cantilevered walk way through the canopy of the rain forest with spectacular views of the escarpment through to the Pacific  Ocean. It is quite wonderful but a little daunting for me as I have nightmares of climbing large flights of metal stairs with gaps between the treads. Get out your pocketbook guides to psychoanalysis and send me your theories.

Illawara Fly Walkway

Bark and Flowers of the Local Gums

Afterwards we went to Tertini Wines to try some of the best wines of the region. They produce beautiful Riesling and Pinot Noir which are worth trying if you get the opportunity.

After a week of little work and lots of pleasure I sent off an entry to the Adelaide Perry Prize for Drawing and wrote a list of the things I would like to do in 2010.
Carefully avoiding the word resolution I have decided that I will (not necessarily in this order) :
• have a good day every day
• earn enough money to do the things I would like to do and cover everyday expenses
• be more tolerant
• get nagging tasks out of the way
• be more organised
• have very successful exhibitions
• look after my health
• support other artists
• volunteer to work at the local community centre
• use my contacts list more effectively
• print and mail out a new postcard soon
• have a successful and fulfilling career as an artist.

Happy New Year


Candice Herne said...

Happy New Year to you Susan. We just have just unpacked at Thredbo and I am relaxing catching up on emails etc, while the children enjoy a swim in the river. The weather is divine! I shot off about 150 photo's on the journey up the mountain. So I can post my New Year post some time tonight. Your off to good start for the year. I look forward to many more posts. As for your nghtmares of large flights of metal stairs with gaps. I can't offer any psychoanalysis, however am pleased to hear that it does not stop you from any major life task and that you are living a good life. I say this because Suki 20 months my youngest child has just developed this quirky and endearing habit she gets quite anxious when she see's any walk way with gaps and will sit down stubbornly and not walk another step. I've taken to holding her hand and firmly dragging her across the walk ways to show it is OK (terrible Mother) I anticipated all sorts of disorders from this little quirk, and am hoping to drag it out of her (terrible Mother)she is starting to relax alot more now, while attempting the journey, she is still a little anxious however cautious not frightened. Be Creative! Candyxx

Susan Buret said...

Happy new year Candy.
Thredbo must be beautiful at the moment.
I hope you praise or reward Suki after she gets across the gaps. I've had two left feet all my life after being bellowed at by a gym teacher and being made to feel clumsy in front of my mates!

Candice Herne said...

Yes Susan Celebrating is a major part of the hurdle, you will be glad too know.
You too. I have similar stories involving a year 8 art teacher and a pottery pig. She thought it would be fun to let the whole class know how pathetic she thought mine was. Alas school art went out the door. Home was my studio.I was free to do what I damn well wanted to do without having to face the critics. Now I'm older stronger and a little bit more informed and a little synical I can not only face the critics, but proud to make pathetic pottery pigs, they have so much character, oink! oink!