Sunday, January 17, 2010

Two Coats of Paint: Saltz: The blogosphere is the new Cedar Bar

Jerry Salz, New York Art critic, in this article Two Coats of Paint: Saltz: The blogosphere is the new Cedar Bar has advice for bloggers which I will try to follow. I am often shy/nervous about putting strong opinion into print even though I have overcome this difficulty when presenting my art work. I also recommend Two Coats of Paint as a great blog to follow.

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Candice Herne said...

I had a read Susan. Very Intersting and insightful.It gives one a sense of hope that all this 'blogging off' as my husband jibes me with. May be of some benefit to my art practice. But I wonder really how many years will it take before Australian's catch up with this way of thinking,as I feel we are still such a conservative and quite nation unlike enthusiastic,forth-comming Americans. When Dr Phil toured in Ausralia last year a journalist asked him how he would interact with Australian audiences as we/they are alot more tentative and reserved than American audiences and less likely to spill their guts. You are not alone feeling shy or nervous when expressing opinions on the blog.I often think what will the consequences be. I suppose one really has to know what one is aiming for and forget the rest of the what if's. You just have to look at Hazel Dooney, alas I wonder if Hazel was so honest in her emergent career. She's been there and tried on alot of shoes that she grew out of and shared her experience. It is very tantalizing and again hopeful to the idealistic artist within me. I'm all for trying on new shoes and hopeful that my blogging off may be of some benefit to my practice years down the track at least that's my aim and it's fun too. Candyxx

sophie munns said...

YES to you Susan and YES to Candice...

I am with you both...!

I'm not long off the phone from Nicola where an exchange took place on such things as blogging anxiety and blog 'shame'. One can easily be too tentative in the first place or too anxious after posting "did that sound OK?" etc etc.

It was great to read this post Susan where you put it on the table - sharing the excellent 'Two Coats' post to raise the point - but getting candid and telling it like it is.

I have found blogging has given me a brilliant opportunity to chip away at old issues re one's voice, the relevance of one's ideas and so on. Nothing has so consistently provided this "finishing school" for getting my head around stepping out of the studio and into the gaze of others (which if you want people to know about your work is pretty damn necessary) and for articulating one's ideas.

There's a love/hate thing going on with having stuff on the record - and i'm grateful that blogging keeps pushing me through my resistance because i allow my enthusiasm to spill over. I'm still working on becoming more at ease with what I have posted - but the fact people visit and cheer one along or add thought to one's thought...that really makes it worthwhile!

I see the ease with which nth americans express their thoughts as also very different from here. Whilst i dont aspire to be on the stage of a Jerry Springer show anytime soon, I do rather like the idea that the australian artist's blogging community might expand a whole lot lore and in so doing become more at ease with expressing ourselves...
moving the conversation forward.

i like the quote "A blog is made up as one goes along....and a way to be part of the crowd, not above or better than the crowd."
I like that it is an opportunity for shared particularity - individuality but not over others - rather with - in connection....

gotta run....hope this makes sense... off for dinner!

Susan Buret said...

I'm so glad to get some comments from this post. It's worth remembering that the more you post faster anything you you may have worried will go to the archives. Remember the saying 'today's paper tomorrow's fish and chip wrapper'. So I'll try to say more to keep the conversation alive!