Friday, January 15, 2010

The Friday Report

Following on from yesterday, the mist continues. I don't know what draws me to it. It is like water, everywhere but nowhere, it's intangible and unresolved, two qualities that interest me. But most of all I enjoy the cool damp caress of nothing as I walk through it.

This week I have also worked on two ongoing projects involving group shows and collaboration with other artists. Nicola Moss and I have been planning our joint video work which will show at the Gold Coast Art Gallery in May this year and I have continued posting on my weather blog and reintroducing the process of serial observation to my practice.

January, the Bud and the Bug, Susan Buret © 2010,
Acrylic on Canvas, 150cm x 105cm. 

In the studio I have finished the work inspired buy the camouflage colours of the bug on the rose hip and begun a work using a grey which I leant about many years ago in a workshop about tonal painting with Noel Ford. The grey is made by mixing permanent rose and viridian watercolour paints and results in a beautiful silvery colour. As I now work with acrylics I mixed rose madder and emerald green to get a rich mauvy grey in the mixing bowl which proceeded to sediment out in a very interesting way when I applied it to the primed linen. The new work has a tentative title Sea Pictures Revisited as the recording of Dame Janet Baker singing Elgar's Sea Pictures was on the radio as I was painting. I like the idea of a painting of musical picture very much and I love the music.
If you like classical music here she is singing The Swimmer with words by Adam Lindsay Gordon. I found "Where Corals Lie" on a weird unco-operative Russian website but thought I had better leave it there.

If you don't like classical music I am also thinking about the Velvet Underground.


Nicola Moss said...

Susan, This painting is beautiful and I love that a little bug on a rose hip inspired you. Your canvas works are developing wonderfully.
Look forward to seeing them in the flesh.
The grey colour sounds very interesting.

Cindy Morefield said...

Susan! The bug and rose inspired painting is gorgeous - quite took my breath away. So interesting to hear more about your process and the projects you're involved in. More good things in store, I'll wager.

sophie munns said...

Hello Susan,
lovely to have you visit earlier today.
Have just been reading your posts mentioning mist and found this very fascinating. Like you said - to end up living in a place that is possibly the "mist capital" of this continent after having designated this as a favoured element is one of those curious things about what we are drawn to, and not always consciously!
Reading about your current art process and and direction is always a treat. I loved the painting 'sky I' on an earlier post and shall look forward to seeing this work at some stage in a show!
Good luck with all your projects Susan!

Novi On The Go said...

I like the colors in this one! Also how some of the green is colored in, gives it a nice visual play.

I visited Ari's blog, so many beautiful jewellery, so fine in her designs, thank you for introducing her. Wonderful inspiration! Thanks also for the lovely comment on my hat!