Monday, January 4, 2010

Naomi Grossman

Today, when I received a catalogue for American artist Naomi Grossman's  exhibition Writing the Body in the mail, I was reminded that it was a while since I had posted about some of the wonderful artists I know.
Naomi and I where at Ragdale together in May 2009. While there I saw some of Naomi's beautiful wire sculptures which  also function as drawings. Naomi's practice ranges across sculpture, drawing, photography and drawing and explores ideas of strength and vulnerability with a sensitive touch that invites the viewer to respond to the messages buried within the skin of the works.

 Together, 2007,© Naomi Grossman, wire, 30" x 40" x 10"

Naomi Grossman's exhibition Writing the Body continues at the Queens College Art Center New York until February 17 2010.

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Candice Herne said...

I'm loving this work. I'd love to this in the flesh.