Sunday, January 24, 2010

Beatrice Fisher

One of the delights of being an artist is the contact with fellow artists of different ages, from different countries and from very different backgrounds.
There was no Friday report this week because it was a regular sort of week and I feared it would be repetitive. On Saturday morning I opened my inbox to find a series of emails from some of the artists I met at Ragdale.
Lorena Rios, a young artist from New York, contacted us to let us know that Beatrice Fisher, who had been at Ragdale with us, had passed away.
So I guess this is one from the series 'artists I know whose work I enjoy'.
Beatrice Fisher 1939-2009.

'Every time I think of Beatrice, a silly smile comes over my face and every memory makes me giggle. I read this article about Beatrice, that a curator selected a piece of hers for a group show, it was a row of penises with different color hats, the curator was surprised when she met Beatrice and Beatrice responded,"u didn't expect an old lady?"
Hilarious...and age was so irrelevant with Beatrice, her curiosity and openess was genuine & magnetic...I felt like I could finger paint and throw glitter with her or discuss literature with her, in short- she was fun. I would drive her to get starbucks coffee and she told me she loved how I drive, from then on I knew she was eccentric! Driving is really not my strong suit, still don't know if she was pulling my leg...' This is a quote from Lorena's email about Beatrice and it describes her perfectively.
Beatrice described her work
'My work evolves from psychological states and experiences that become externalized through the use of visual elements I encounter or research. With a penchant for ambiguity and the absurd, I combine incongruous elements to suggest mysterious narratives and investigate themes of separation, love, and loss.'

Under the Table © Beatrice Fisher
The image above comes from the website dedicated to Beatrice's work. Visit and be delighted.

Beatrice and Lorena, wonderful artists, old and young, it was so good to meet and spend time with you.


Jen said...

Thank you for sharing this story with us.

sophie munns said...

Loved the website Susan,
What a treasure!
How wonderful to have known her for a time!