Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Egg Saga or You can take a Girl out of the City.....

You are probably wondering how this little brown egg became newsworthy enough to appear on my blog.
Since moving from the city several weeks ago we have dreamt about having chooks (chickens for those of you in the US).
Last weekend we went to the Goulburn Poultry Fanciers Spring Show to research chook breeds as we decided that we had to have beautiful hens. We came to the conclusion that Wellsomers were beautiful enough and swapped numbers with one of the champion breeders there.
On Friday morning Jenny, the Wellsomer breeder, rang to say she had two pullets available for collection on Saturday. In a totally irrational moment I agreed to pick them up at 10 am the following morning.
Now there was a little problem as we didn't have a chook house. What followed was a frantic search for suitable accommodation. I remembered that on our walk we had noticed that our neighbours, Pat and Peter, had an aviary. When Faye arrived home she went to see if we could use it. Pat said we were welcome to use the enclosure which was not an aviary but a structure Peter had built to keep birds off the fig tree. Oops!
We asked if they knew any handymen and Peter, who has his finger on the pulse of activities in the local community, decided the only way to find one was to call the village pub aka the local labour exchange. The call went through to the bar at peak hour, 5 pm Friday, and they put on Martin, a local landscaper, who is now in the back yard building a deluxe chook house.
The two hens, Sapphire and Emerald, are currently living in the garage at night and going to day care in the fig tree enclosure. So far they have produced one beautiful egg which hasn't been cooked because I like my eggs runny and Faye likes them well cooked.
Things move quickly in the country.


Nicola Moss said...

What a great story. Necessity makes for action.

Love the chook names. May you enjoy bountiful eggs.

MIndy Lighthipe said...

I would love to have some hens but my husband says"no!" We currently foster cats ........ 22 at the moment.... if he doesn't put his foot down we would have all sorts of critters running around. I really will enjoy living vicariously through you and your hens.

Happy laying!

Anonymous said...
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