Monday, August 31, 2009

Art Supplies

My father used to spend hours in hardware stores and I have inherited this tendency except that like all artists I love to browse in art supply shops. Nothing is better than having some new materials to play with.
In the States I love to visit Dick Blick and Pearl Paints, in Sydney, Oxford Art Supplies and there are several dens of temptation in Fitzroy, Melbourne.
Since moving to the country I have been a bit apprehensive about how I will source supplies. I can tell you that Dick Blick DOES ship to Australia and Melbourne Etching Supplies send parcels very efficiently and now I can recommend a new supplier. Art Materials Online is a Mornington Peninsula art supply company providing a fast and efficient mail order service and they stock my favourite Matisse Flow Acrylics. Check out their website.


Candice Herne said...

How wonderful Susan! Look forward to reading more new and improved posts. Candyxx

Jen said...
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Jen said...

Oh I've always wanted to be a published "deleter"! Susan, I am liking the way you are bloggin' - like a real pro with hyperlinks & an easy way of writing. That course is doing wonders because you are very professional. Will Dick Blick send me some pencils & a drawing pad I wonder? Hmmmm... Myself, I am nutso about stationery shops & papieries (?)

Susan Buret said...

Jen, I think a lunchtime stroll to Eckersleys might do the trick. But beware art supply shops are wallet draining.