Thursday, August 20, 2009

Towards a Better Blog

After blogging for about two years I have decided to do a Blog Triage Course with Cynthia Morris and Alyson Stanfield in the hope that I can inject some freshness and excitement into my blog.
Today is the first day of the course and my assignment is to describe the people I would like to visit my blog and what I hope to get from blogging.
I started writing this in sentence form but it seemed to be getting out of hand (rambly and boring ....everything I don't want my blog to be) so here are the lists:

People I would like to visit my blog.

Other Artists not only visual but from other disciplines.
Museum and Gallery Directors
Arts Writers
Those interested in Contemporary Art
Those who share my love of gardening, and life in general.
All age groups.
All nationalities, races, religions.
I would really like comments and the chance for dialogue with others in the blogosphere.

What I hope to achieve with my blog.

A record of my day to day arts practice and the joys of life.
A platform for my work which might lead to other opportunities for collaborating with other artists, exhibiting and marketing my work.
Links, dialogue and friendships with other artists.
Becoming part of an international community.
Maintaing links already established and informing those interested of what's happening in my life.
Entertaining and amusing visitors, sharing my amusement and observations.
A minimum of navel gazing.
I would like to express my opinions more freely. Going into print is often terrifying.


Nicola Moss said...

This sounds like a worthwhile process, no doubt you will pick up some interesting tips.

Anonymous said...

Hi Susan,
I'm glad you are in the class. I found your work very interesting and will be checking back in.

Artist said...

Good to catch up with you at your latest exhibition. I will enjoy watching your BLOG progress.
Cheers Sharon

Chris said...

Hi Susan, I'm still visiting (mostly lurking) Loved the photos from your exhibition. I'm getting a lot of dyed fabrics ready for upcoming shows and will be quiet for a while longer.

Deborah Putnoi said...

Susan, I love your blog. I like the real world moments you bring into your posts, I love the clear, direct way you share who your ideal audience is and I really love your work. I have some friends from new South Wales who now live in NYC. He is a prof. at Columbia. His name is Graeme Sullivan...he is an artist as well. I am in the class with you and interested to see where this all takes us. Best, Deb Putnoi

Mary Anne Davis said...

Can I just cut and paste yours??? I didn't want to do this part of the exercise because it felt so revealing but reading yours and a few others (I'm in the class, if you hadn't guessed) is making me weep with my own sillyness! Thank you. Love it.