Saturday, August 29, 2009

Jacinta Howard

Jacinta Howard. when Beatrix discovers her love for Peter is unrequited. 2008. Oil on Paper.1500mm x 1050mm.

This is the first of a series of occasional posts about artists who are friends and, whose work I admire.

Jacinta Howard is a visual artist living and working in South East Queensland, Australia.

I met Jacinta when I was attending Dr Irene Amos’s inspirational workshops in 2003 and I have exhibited with her at Art Sydney and recently at Doggett Street Studios in Brisbane.

Jacinta has been exhibiting regularly since 1998 and has been awarded prizes for painting, watercolour and works on paper.

Jacinta is a wonderful painter. She produces beautiful large-scale works with glowing colour and a luminescence that belies the darker side of some of her subject matter. For me her paintings are windows to her spirit as well as documentations of the trials and joys of her life.

Louise Martin-Chew described Jacinta’s work.

“Jacinta Howard’s paintings unfold like an operatic tableau. Within them is a variously pathos-filled, organically developed and personal journey. This may relate to a mood, a moment, or the inexplicable and wonderful acts she draws from in the natural world. Luscious painting in oil explores the sensuality and fecundity of life, from the figure to surreal-influenced seascapes.”

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