Monday, August 24, 2009

The Gamble of Exhibiting.

100 Bluebells is That Enough, 2009, Acrylic and Pigmented Ink on Watercolour Paper. 76cm x 56.5cm.

Going back to Brisbane to show my work last week, so soon after leaving, turned out to be a really positive experience.

I would really encourage any other artists to get together and share the expenses of a group show at an Artist Run Gallery.

Sales have not been fabulous and I haven’t covered my expenses but there were so many positive outcomes from the experience.

The group show in a familiar space was non-threatening and encouraged me to experiment with the way I showed my new work.

I really enjoy showing again with Lyndal Hargrave and Jacinta Howard because they are both fantastic artists and we have heaps of fun together.

Lots of other artists and friends came to the show and it was great to get their feedback about the new work.

The exhibition gave me the opportunity to consolidate the experience of my residency at Ragdale.

Images of my work are finally on my website and the exhibition at Doggett Street Studios, 85 Doggett Street, Newstead, Brisbane 4006, continues until 5 September.

I have rewritten this post which previously appeared on 18 August as an exercise for the Blogging Workshop I am currently doing. After I reread the original post I thought that my voice was too distant as I had written for old friends, the members of BAD Co-op, the artists group I was a member of when I lived in Brisbane.

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Jackie said...

Hi Susan: Rewriting an older post is such a good idea. This rewrite definitely shows the benefits you've achieved from the class. Good going. I'll keep watching.

About your artwork. It is wonderful. I hope the sales pickup for you in the gallery. This work deserves to be in peoples art collections.