Sunday, September 6, 2009

Eye Candy

I have already mentioned that I have moved to a beautiful part of the world.
Everywhere I look there are beautiful spring colours to inspire and stimulate new ideas for my work and, I don't do landscapes or figurative work!
Today I was watering the irises when I noticed the beautiful colours on their leaves - sage green, blue greys and almost cerulean. I started to think about their Van Gogh's irises with their rich strokes of wonderful colour. Now I cant wait to get into the studio again.
My photographic skills don't really capture what I saw. Who can say painting as an art form is dead when we make work about what we see and think?


Liz Crain said...

Hi Susan,
I have maintained for a long time that there is "seeing" and there is "perception." The camera can only see and cannot perceive...I just KNOW all those colors were in the irises, whether they showed up onscreen or not..and of course you will paint them or something wonderfully similar because of your perception.

Anonymous said...

Since I do painting and photography myself, I so agree with you. The camera can capture a lot of things, but it only captures the image as is. Painting pulls in so much more and allows an artist a further reach into emotions and imagination and the viewer gets a deeper understanding.

Happy painting.

Candice Herne said...

Hi Susan painting is definately not dead in Brisbane after I heard Nicola Moss sold 10 paintings to one buyer. Maybe what is changing is the idea of what a painting is "supposed" to look like and what it represents. I feel their is a shift taking place in Brisbane, which is allowing the contemporary explorers of art to be represented along side the established and more traditional. Congratulations! on your inclusion in the Artereal Exhibition, I'm Tickeled Pink for you. Candyxx also a Grand designs addict