Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Grand Designs

Levelling the Site
Like about half the population of Australia and the UK, I am addicted to the program Grand Designs in which we follow the joys, trials and tribulations people built their dream homes.
I am about to build a new studio in my back garden and, while my budget doesn't run to the architect designed building of my dreams, I have had some input in the design of the prefabricated shed which will be sympathetic to the rural out buildings in the area.
The work started today so stay tuned for the Grand Designs commentary of progress from the architect manque. Kevin McLeod eat your heart out!
I have had a frantic morning removing violets from the path of the bobcat and now hope to spend the afternoon catching up with my blog class.
I might add that the soil is barely turned and I have already issued an invitation to German Artist Maja Spasova, who I made collaborative work with at Ragdale, to come and visit.


Janice Mason Steeves said...

What an exciting time this is, building your studio. I'll be interested to see the progress.

chrys zantis said...

susan you are always an inspiration to me. i love to see it workingout for you dear friend.
your garden looks beautiful!!!

Jen said...

Hope you ain't usin' that damned chook shed builder!!! Hot diggity!

Susan Buret said...

Yes it is very exciting and no Jen we are not using the chook shed builder!