Friday, September 4, 2009

Sydney Galleries

John Nixon EPW: Polychrome. Installation view Sarah Cottier Gallery
Matt Calvert. Eye Shadow #1, #2 & #3.2009. Installation sullivan+stumpf Fine Art.
Melinda Le Guay. Bethany. 2009.

Yesterday I went to Sydney to look at exhibitions in some of my favourite galleries. I saw some really beautiful and exciting work and, to my delight, lots of red dots – great news for the artists and galleries involved and very reassuring for all artists.

My first stop was 2 Danks Street.

Scott Baker showed a series of Assemblages using small off cuts of distressed timber and, I think linoleum, to create subtly shifting images which because of their earthy palate suggested landscapes. The works reminded me of other Australian Artists Madonna Staunton, Rosalie Gasgoine and Bruce Reynolds who all work with similar media.

Melinda Le Quay’s exhibition Take Care at Brenda May Gallery featured a series of beautiful pieces knitted from copper wire that cast a delicate tracery of shadows. The knitted cylinders suggested children’s clothes and reminded me of old christening robes. As I am a bit of a knitaholic and made several works at my last residency at Ragdale these works resonated with me.

At Liverpool Street Gallery, one of my favourite exhibition spaces in Sydney there was an exhibition of lush, richly dark beautiful small paintings by Rick Amor.

Then I went to Paddington to two of my favourite spaces there.

At Sarah Cottier Gallery John Nixon’s EPW: Polychrome was a departure from the more chromatically subdued work I usually associate with him.

My visit to sullivan+strumpf Fine Art was the highlight of the day. They had just hung two new shows that were opening last night.

Downstairs Matt Calvert’s Shadows and Doubts comprised a series of animals made from shattered laminated toughened glass and a series of ‘2D’ works which used more toughened glass on etched and brushed aluminium. I scribbled notes on the room sheet. ‘Lovely use of materials exploring innocence and fragility.’ Yum.

Upstairs Laith Mcgregor’s sell-out exhibition ‘Based on a True Fable’ left me in awe of this artists drawing skills and meticulous obsessive execution.


Alyson B. Stanfield said...

This looks like a perfect day! The work looks challenging--a good thing in my book.

Janice Mason Steeves Artwork said...

HI Susan,

I like the new look of your blog. That's a great post! I know a woman here in the Toronto area who does knit dresses in a similar vein, that I really love. She uses fabric though and weaves in roots and tiny rose buds and burrs as well. I also saw once...I can't remember where..a person who made baby dresses for an exhibition, that were made out of cut out paper that was so beautiful and delicate.

Nicola Moss said...

Hi Susan,

What a great day. I like the bunnies titled eye shadow, a little haunting.


Susan Buret said...

Alyson, Janice and Nicola, thank you for your comments. i am glad that I was able to convey some of what I saw to you. This is the first time i have attempted a report and I was unsure if it would work.