Friday, September 18, 2009

The Friday Report

18 September 2009.

This is the first of a series of reports resulting from the blog triage class I have just completed.
I am hoping to summarize the highs and lows of my practice in the previous week so that I can feel proud of any achievements and prioritise or commit to the waste bin those jobs that didn’t get done.

This week has been really eventful –

• The slab for my studio has been poured and I have decided that I will seal the concrete floor. I am very excited about the amount of space I will have.

• My wonderful gallery in Melbourne sold Welcome to the Neighbourhood We hope You Fit In from my exhibition Portraits of the Unknown. Yipee cashflow!

Susan Buret. Welcome to the Neighbourhood. We Hope You Fit In.2009.
Acrylic, Shredded Passport Copy and Ink on Canvas. 1500mm x 1050mm

• I sent 4 of 5 works to Kick Arts Galleries in Cairns where Curator Sam Creyton has asked me to be part of an exhibition showing artists who work with paper.
• I sent Stargazzy off to Arteral Gallery in Sydney to be part of the Tickled Pink Exhibition.
• I started work on a series of postcard sized watercolour works.
• I resolved to enter the Liverpool Art Prize.

I didn’t get around to -
• Sending off CD’s of images from Diary Notes from a New World to several galleries.
• Working on my entry for the Chapman and Bailey Competition in Melbourne.

There have been lots of tradesmen and deliveries so it has been a bit of a disjointed week ……can’t wait to get a run at some work in my new studio.

Now that I review this it does seem like navel gazing. Don’t know if it should be a post (aired in public rather than in a journal if I managed to keep one) so dear readers let me know what you think.


Janice Mason Steeves said...

Congratulations on your good news! I find it so inspiring to hear about all of the exhibitions and awards/grants you are applying for. I am not good at those things. Gives me a kick to get working in that area.
I'd also love to read a blog post about your art making process!

Nicola Moss said...

Hi Susan,
I found this post really interesting to read. It tells me a lot more about your art practice and what you are doing, GREAT news about your sale.
I imagine this would also be very motivating to achieve goals on your to do list, you wouldn't feel like writing too many times the same thing wasn't done, or I guess one would question if it was a priority.
I like this type of post a lot and on reading it considered how I might do my own version. My only thought would be if it needed to be every week or when it felt right.

Thank you for sharing - again.

Sophie Munns said...

Hello Susan,
thanks for visiting and leaving a comment the other day. I had admired your work since first seeing it!

I really liked this post - it tells of the gritty side of working life as an artist in which getting to the studio is often waylaid by a long list other tasks.
The reasons to celebrate you mention - congratulations by the way! - balance the other. As Janice said it gives the reader a kick (if they need it like I do!)
Nicola rightly suggests it also allows us to consider our own processes in light of what you share of yours.
Which I think is the wonderful thing about blogging which can take you closer to the core motivations, influences and spirit of an individual's way of seeing and experiencing 'their' universe.

look forward to further reading....thanks for the inspiration!

Cindy said...

Hi, Susan -
I'm a classmate in BlastOff. Enjoyed this blog post and share your excitement for sales and new studio shaping up. For me it is encouraging to see what other artists are doing, to know we all have the same nuts and bolts work to do. I look forward to more reports!