Friday, September 25, 2009

The Friday Report

Well here it is the second in the series of Friday reports. I must remind myself that two reports do not a series make!
Firstly thank you to everyone who commented on my blog last week. Your thoughtful feedback was greatly appreciated. Please keep it coming, good or bad, and include any topics for discussion you might find interesting.
The week has been totally occupied by my ever growing studio.
The shed arrived as a flat pack on Wednesday during the once in a life time dust storm which covered the entire eastern side of Australia with a thin layer of the Simpson Dessert. It looked very small stacked in the front garden. I was very glad it wasn't from Ikea as we had already had an alan key incident earlier in the week.
On Thursday morning three very clever and hard working young men arrived to erect it.

Thursday Morning

By this afternoon I had two walls.

The outer shell should be completed by the middle of next week. With all this going on it has been difficult to get down to work.

I have managed to
• Send off my entry for the Liverpool City Art Prize. I am entering Mirror of Uncertainty, a diptych which I completed late last year.

Mirror of Uncertainty. Acrylic Shredded Visa
and Ink on Canvas. Diptych. 100cm x 140cm. ©2008 Susan Buret

• Read and work on my artist's statement. It really helps when I am making new work as it focuses my thoughts.
• Accept an invitation to show work in the Doggett Street Christmas Show.
• Enjoy an interesting blog discussion with Janice Mason Steeves about the experiences of making and showing new work. I love the opportunity to share ideas with someone from the other side of the world. Thank you world wide web.
• Make several more new works in the post card series.
• Mail off images and catalogue from the Brisbane show to my gallery in Melbourne. I had prepared two other packages to send off to galleries in Brisbane and Sydney but I got cold feet at the last moment. I will do some deep breathing and think about it again next week.
However, with so much going on I feel like I have let lots of things, especially correspondence, slip this week.
Next week I hope to
• spend more time in the studio.
• catch up with all my correspondence.
• plan a trip to Canberra to look at galleries there.
• at least think about my entry for the Chapman and Bailey exhibition in Melbourne
Tomorrow I am off to Sydney to see Nicola Moss and Tanmaya Bingham's work at the opening of the Flower Show at Brenda May Gallery.


Cindy said...

Sounds like you've accomplished quite a lot amidst construction chaos! And how very cool to see a new work space materializing before your eyes. Will look forward to next Friday's report. Will it be a bona fide series after third installment? ;)

Janice Mason Steeves said...

I like your Friday report Susan. I think you're accomplishing a whole lot with all the excitement of your studio being built.

I'm getting quite a few comments on facebook re changing directions in our work, and just from other artists in conversation. This seems to be a touchy thing for us all. I wonder how we could open this up somehow to a broader audience...I'd love to hear how lots of other artists manage that issue.

Nancy Natale said...

Hi Susan, Thanks for visiting my blog from across the world! Your studio construction looks very exciting. I hope it becomes an inspiring and expansive space for you to work in. I also looked at your new work on paper and really enjoyed the contrast between the over and under, soft and hard approaches - very effective. I wish you good luck with it!

Nicola Moss said...

Hi Susan,
It was great to see you in Sydney on the weekend, thanks for coming to the show.
It sounds like you are still getting lots done even with the excitement of the new studio, which looks great.
Have a good week.