Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tickled Pink

I am honoured to have been invited by Artereal Gallery to be part of the exhibition Tickled Pink which opens at 747 Darling Street, Rozelle, Sydney 2039, T 61 2 9818 7473, from 6 - 8pm Wednesday 7 October. If you are in Sydney please come along. The exhibition continues until 31 October 2009.
My recent work Stargazzy will be part of the exhibition and proceeds from sales will go to Breast Cancer Network Australia, so come along and support a good cause.


Jackie Jacobson said...


I won't be in Australia, but I'm sending my congratulations. Good things happen for good people.

I've enjoyed being in the class together, and will continue to follow you along in your journey.

Congrats again.

Liz Crain said...

Hi Susan,
I have so enjoyed getting to know you a tiny bit in the Blog Triage class. I look forward to continued contact here and there and everywhere online. Australia enchants, and I hope to visit there one day. In the meantime, all my best for your show and continued art adventures.

Artist said...

Susan, Congratulations. Your journey keeps flourishing and producing wonderful opportunities.
I hope they keep happening for you.

Susan Buret said...

Everyone, thank you for your encouragement. Jackie and Liz, I really enjoyed the blog class and getting the opportunity to see your work. I'll stay in touch following your blogs etc

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! You'll have to post pictures of the opening night party. I'm sure you're "Tickled Pink!" Grin.